ASU Cycling develops beginning riders just as well as riders who compete at the regional and national level. To achieve this vision, we are striving to increase the club’s continuity and stability, aiming to first establish it as Emerging Varsity with USA Cycling with the mid-term goal of achieving full Varsity status, which requires the provision of $10,000 in annual scholarships. As cycling is not an NCAA sport, it is much less restricted so that the potential for growth is enormous.

As ASU Cycling continues to grow and become more competitive, we are looking to increase the club’s infrastructure and support system to ensure continuity and stability over the coming years. One of the measures helping us achieve this goal is the addition of an ASU Cycling advisory committee this year to our already strong support base at ASU. We also strive to strengthen and intensify our community involvement and relations, having worked with Strada Racing Club, a local development club, in the past years.

Our main goals for the 2015-16 are repeating these achievements, but in particular, we would like to:

  • Continue to grow membership.
  • Strengthen and expand alumni relations.
  • Become more competitive across all cycling disciplines.
  • Send larger, more competitive teams to Collegiate National Championships (in all disciplines).
  • Achieve Emerging Varsity Status with USA Cycling, with the mid-term goal of becoming a Varsity team with scholarships for club members.
  • Continue to grow the Sun Devil Criterium.
  • Expand our education and training programs.

These goals require a lot of hard work on and off the bike from us, but we are also dependent on the generosity and support of sponsors and donors. If you would like to be part of our team for the 2015-16 season, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!